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Reading with other writers

When I knew I’d be in Toronto in mid-August I looked for a bookstore to host a reading, and thanks to Type Books, that’s going to happen. They came up with the idea of getting two local writers. Who did I know? Lee Thompson, a new friend and writer of S., a novel in [xxx] dreams, suggested Mark Sampson, who I used to know. So I asked him, and he said yes right off the bat (thanks, Mark), with a good suggestion for the third person. The bill for the evening is myself, Rebecca Rosenblum and Mark Sampson. Open Book Toronto just put up a notice about it here which has all the information needed. (Thanks, Rebecca.) The reading is free, of course, and we’ll sign our books. Hopefully I can get the audience to participate by calling out in disagreement, and even agreement. Should be a night with lots of variety, as Mark writes prose (like Off Book, a novel) and poetry, and Rebecca has a new book of short stories called The Big Dream coming out in September.


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