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The Newfoundland and Labrador journal Riddle Fence, issue #8, is out now, and in it is a 10-page review by David Hallett of Verbatim: A Novel. It’s titled “Anatomy of a Dead Shark: Jeff Bursey’s Verbatim performs an incisive autopsy on the corpse of partisan politics.” I just got my copy today, though some friends told me about it a few weeks ago. It’s good to see the book reviewed at such length.

One of Hallett’s opening remarks reads:

Much in the manner of American “naysaying” authors like William Gaddis and Flannery O’Connor, Mr. Bursey does not preach or prescribe an alternative to parliamentary childishness. He shows with unfortunately unerring accuracy that “there has to be something better than what we have,” and leaves the challenge to each individual reader to perform an independent investigation of other, more efficient administrative orders.

First thing to say is that to be considered in that company isn’t something I’ll take lightly. And second, we can do some investigation of how we’re governed. It’s our choice, after all. Let’s make an informed choice.

(Thanks to Riddle Fence and David Hallett, the first page of this review will go up soon over at


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  Beth wrote @

It was a pleasure to read so many pages about your book in D.H.’s interesting review. I enjoyed the reviewer’s “take” on your novel.

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