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Readings in Toronto and Ottawa

I’ll be in Toronto for business later this month, and while there will give a reading at Type Books, with award-winning short story writer Rebecca Rosenblum, who has a new book coming out next month, The Big Dream, and novelist and poet Mark Sampson, who’ll read from his new book, Sad Peninsula. We’ll do an interactive bit with the audience, if they’re game. Here are the details:

Then, on 27 August, myself and Christian McPherson (author of The Cube People, a novel set in a government office, as I understand) are giving a reading at Octopus Books in Ottawa. I’ve been to the national capital a few times, and have always enjoyed it. Hopefully the particulates in the air will have been whisked away by a good breeze.

Octopus Books has a notice up on their site —

— and here are more details about that event.

Consider yourself invited.


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  mongoose wrote @

I wish I could come to both of these readings! You are such a great performer of your book.

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