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And on to Ottawa

Christian McPherson and Lisa Greaves

I was at Octopus Books on 27 August, and gave a reading with Christian McPherson, a ReLit shortlist nominee for his novel The Cube People. He’s in the picture above with Lisa Greaves, our genial Octopus host. It was a balmy night, and we deliberated taking the reading outside, but the traffic sound convinced us that staying indoors would be better. We read to a responsive audience–Christian signalled when the ‘bad language’ was coming up so one little girl could be taken to another room for a while–who, like the Type Books audience (and elsewhere), were eager to catcall and interrupt a fictional politician during debate. After the reading people stayed to talk, and that was fun.

It was good to meet Christian and get a chance to hear his work, just like it was good to see and hear Mark and Rebecca in Toronto. There are definite pluses to doing a book reading with others.

Thanks to Lisa, Steve, and Octopus Books for hosting, and supplying beverages and snacks, too, and to Christian and Lisa for taking part in the theatrical reading. It makes for a more lively evening.


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