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On 25 August myself, Rebecca Rosenblum and Mark Sampson read at Type Books (Queen St. W.), to an audience of about 30 strangers, friends and even a couple of family members. Thanks to Mark and Rebecca, as well as Craig of the book store, for being actors in my theatrical presentation of scenes from Verbatim: A Novel, and thanks, of course, to Type (especially Becky Toyne).

It was a hot night with few chairs, and though we had a fan aimed at us we didn’t have a place to sit (we were like most of the patient audience in this way), but everyone seemed to have a good time. Mark read first, then Rebecca, then myself. The audience got into shouting Oh, oh! and Hear, hear! quite quickly, and thanks go to fellow Hansardians in the audience for their enthusiastic involvement.

Here are a couple of photos, first of my co-readers, then of our books:

RR and MS












  Rebecca wrote @

Twas a pleasure to read with you, Jeff–and I am glad to have made the acquaintance of your blog!! Not sure why I hadn’t before, but I’ll be back!!

  JB wrote @

Welcome back any time, Rebecca. Good luck with your launch this month.

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