Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

13 months on…

Verbatim: A Novel came out 1 October 2010, and in that year a lot has happened. It’s been reviewed favourably by my peers; I’ve had the chance to engage audiences on two of Canada’s three coasts, as well as in between, and get them to interrupt me with cries of Hear, hear! and Oh, oh!; and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting readers of it in different places. I appreciate it all very much. So it was with delight that today I read a brand-new review of my book, 13 months after it came out, in the respected U.S. publication The Review of Contemporary Fiction. You can read the whole review here. I particularly like that the reviewer says there’s an “uncompromising daring to Bursey’s experimental narrative…” An early reader called the book “relentless,” and I think uncompromising goes along well with that.


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