Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

Out west

On 21 January, at 1:30 p.m., a group of writers read in Summerside, PEI, at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre. Apart from our interest in reading in this city where none of us had read before, we also brought home-baked treats, fruit, and juice. The centre provided tea and coffee and, most important of all, publicity and a warm environment to read in. When I say warm I mean heated (it was -10 C outside) and welcoming. We had an attentive audience of readers and writers who had braved the cold, in this sport-inclined city, and they stayed around after to have excellent desserts and to talk. We all enjoyed the event.

From left to right, the authors are: Steven Mayoff (Fatted Calf Blues), Beth Janzen (The Enchanted House), Kathleen Hamilton (Sex After Baby), Orysia Dawydiak (House of Bears), and myself. Photo by Thelma Phillips.


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