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Having just come back from a successful reading in Winnipeg (home of Enfield & Wizenty, my publisher), with Michelle Butler Hallett and Bob Armstrong, thanks are in order to: my co-readers (lively and intense performances); my publishers for the dinner beforehand, their organization, and their vocal participation (especially Maurice and Greg) during the reading; and McNally Robinson, a truly fabulous bookstore.

Here’s the poster MR did up that makes us look like we’re on an entertainment circuit (in the best way):

Here’s a shot of the splendid and helpful E&W crew:

Left to right: Maurice, Alicia, Catharina, Inge, and Greg.

I had a great time at the reading, and if anyone out there is looking for a place to read in Winnipeg, McNally Robinson is the spot.


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  Beth wrote @

Fab poster! Wish I could have been there to hear all 3 of you!

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