Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

Last year a local group contacted me. It’s organizing an auction that takes place later this month, and the hook is the donated books are connected to politicians and politics. Verbatim: A Novel qualifies me for inclusion in the second category, so I had to decide what book, that meant something to me, would be a good choice. I chose William Gaddis’ The Recognitions. Not political at all, but one of the very best usian novels of the 20th century. We were to sign the book and put a little note inside. My handwriting being what it is, I typed a note for insertion and signed that. No need to be cruel to the lucky bidder. It would be nice if it sold, as the cause is a worthy one.  Check out the poster for the event below.




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  Beth wrote @

Looks like a great event, Jeff. I wish I could be there to bid on the book!

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