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On short fiction, with a prelude (part 1)

Writing a novel is fun, and I’ve enjoyed the long stretch of time and thinking required to finish one. However, I didn’t start there, but as a playwright, and considering I’ve only written five plays, it’s been good luck (aided by persistence) that two have been mounted. The first play, performed in 1984, was The Critics, and the process around the rehearsals can’t be written about until the actors, actresses and director are under the ground. Well, we were all younger, and I was almost as arrogant as they were. Not a great experience, but I learned a lot.

The third play written, The Benches, went off in 2007 , in Charlottetown, and everything about it (particularly the play!) was much better than that sorry affair in the 1980s. You can read about that here. In this case, thanks do go to the actors (Richard Haines, Hank Stinson, Paul Whelan and Nick Graveline) and the director (Alix MacLean).

After that play (finished in the mid-1980s), I stopped and moved into short stories. This leads me into the real content of this post. This month, two stories go up or out by me. Today The Winnipeg Review published “The Island,” which you can read here. A little later I’ll add something new about a second story coming out in print form.






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