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It’s two months shy of two years since Verbatim: A Novel came out, so it’s heartening to see a new review appear, this time in the online Midwest Book Review. The reviewer, Christopher WunderLee, has written novels and poetry: two of his titles are The Loony and Moore’s Mythopoeia. He calls the book “an enthralling, nuanced work,” and links its concerns to the debate between Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street supporters. No one else has concentrated so much on the political aspect as it relates to U.S. concerns, and I’m delighted with his new approach to the book’s content.

You can read WunderLee’s review by going here and either scrolling down or by using Find. Here’s one more quote from it:

“With Verbatim, Bursey has tapped into how our culture wars have turned nearly any issue into a stalemate, and through his spirited gift for mimicry, he illuminates how the procedures and protocols of governing are perverted to hinder action and fuel the ongoing fractures that only assist the powerful. Verbatim is that quintessential chronicle that captures a time so deftly, as a reader, it’s like reading your own memories of it.”


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Awesome review, Jeff. Congratulations!

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