Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

Enter the historians…

A few days ago noted Canadian historian Christopher Moore told readers of his blog about my book, and that’s welcome and exciting. He calls Verbatim: A Novel “unconventional,” and also has this to say: “To figure out the premier’s character and politics, or what the various imaginary constituencies want, or to sort out who is that independent member who never gets any floor time, well, you just have to keep reading.” Strong encouragement to a new audience, and I appreciate that very much.

Also reaching a new audience, this time in August, is a positive review by Jean Graham that appeared in a Newfoundland newspaper called The Northeast Avalon Times. The humourous aspect was highlighted, and it seems Graham is familiar with both Hansard and the parliamentary process. She tips her review to political junkies, saying “it deserves to be read by anyone who claims to follow politics.”

Two years on it’s heartening to see the book still getting such kind notices.


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