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On other books to read


Here are some other books that have come into my apartment, to read when the mood and time are right. Christopher WunderLee’s Loony, a short novel, engaged me last year, so I want to see what he’s like in long form with Moore’s Mythopoeia. Thomas Glavinic’s Pull Yourself Together appealed because another book of his, Night Works, was disturbing and pretty good. Lucy Ellmann’s Mimi I read a very strong review about. Madeleine Thien writes about cambodia in her novel Dogs at the Perimeter, which she gave an effective, and affecting, reading from and presentation about recently where I live. From the terrors of Pol Pot we descend to the astonishing cruelty of Mao with Yank Jisheng’s Tombstone, a new history of the devastating chinese famine that comes highly rated. As does Anne Applebaum’s Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956, another book filled with oppression and misery, I expect. The Balkans: 1804-2012 looks to be somewhat more of the same. Last, on a completely different note, The Letters of William Gaddis, edited by Steven Moore; they’re bound to be interesting and revealing.


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