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In Munich, 15 October 2013

I got back from europe last week, and enjoyed the trip very much. In paris and germany I caught up with old friends. Apart from visiting museums and zoos, it was a pleasure and privilege to have been invited to munich and germersheim to read (see earlier posts). Here’s a picture of three people who helped with that in munich:


That’s Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann to the far left,  friend and host, with one of his colleagues and a student. All three read parts of the novel with me, to the audience’s surprise and amusement. Sascha gave a wonderful introduction and had promoted the event very well. There were good questions from the audience.

Afterwards, a student from poland, Malwina Chmiel, came up to have a quick conversation and, to my pleasant surprise, asked for a photo. (Thanks to the unnamed friend who used both our cameras.) Malwina’s future career plans I hope to see come true, and not only because it could mean an invitation to me to visit that country from a person in high office. She seems firmly set on fulfilling her aspirations, and I wish her good luck..


The reading occurred in a classroom, starting a little after 7:00, with sirens going by and a free bar. Part of the audience of about 40 — pictured here post-reading and post-beer consuming —



— seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I did.

Next post: germersheim.



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