Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

An interview with Steven Moore

Steven Moore is a writer well known among William Gaddis readers. Earlier this year his edition of Gaddis’ letters came out from Dalkey Archive, and it’s a great read. Any Gaddis is good reading, and the edition has notes to help guide the reader over the silences and various family and publishing matters. For the past few years, building on his interest in experimental and exploratory writing, Moore has had published two lengthy non-fiction studies of the novel: The Novel, An Alternative History: Beginnings to 1600 (2010) and The Novel: An Alternative History: 1600-1800 (2013). My reviews of these two books are here and here. A while ago, Music & Literature asked me to interview Moore, and the exchange went up not too long ago. His books are worth checking out for anyone who likes to see where the novel has been.


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