Verbatim: A Novel

Notes on an unconventional book

A companion volume

When I finished writing Verbatim: A Novel in January 1995 I took some time off from writing. Did what many writers do: put aside the (handwritten) pages for a while to get some distance. Eventually I started editing as I typed, and the long road to publication began. In the very snowy February of that year, with time off from my day job, I started to make notes on another book that would also take place in Bowmount (the site of the government in the first novel), and in roughly the same time. Not a sequel, though. If politics was theatre in V: AN, then the new book would show what the groundlings did. Mirrors on which dust has fallen is out now from Verbivoracious Press, and is available here. I’ve put up a website devoted to it. Please check it out.


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