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Arts East and a profile

Shortly before going to europe, Arts East said they wanted to do a profile piece on me. The result is on their site, and I want to thank Michelle Brunet for her curiosity and questions. Arts East has a lot of different stories about what’s happening, artistically, in this part of the country, so it’s worth looking around when you get there. You’re bound to find something interesting on dance, music, writing and events.


An interview on new work

This steps away from the usual focus of this blog to participate in a meme that’s going around. Shari Lapena explains this way:

“I’m excited to be part of this interview that is flying blog to blog, where writers talk about The Next Big Thing they’re working on, then tag another five writers (or in my case, four) who answer the same ten questions, and then tag another five writers, and so on. It’s a great way to find out about other writers’ works in progress.”

Rebecca Rosenblum participated, and asked if there were others who’d like to take part, so I thought: why not? After the jump is my contribution. Read the rest of this entry »

An interview on BIG OTHER

Not of me, but by me, of Michelle Butler Hallett, available here.

National Public Radio and “Novel Novels”

In May I visited the local CBC studio to be interviewed by Anne Strainchamps of Wisconsin Public Radio for the program To the Best of Our Knowledge. The episode, “Novel Novels,” featured Jennifer Egan (A Visit from the Goon Squad), Steven Moore (books on William Gaddis, and most recently, The Novel), Christopher Miller (Sudden Noises from Inanimate Objects), and myself. It concentrated on books with unusual forms. Anne did a fine job, making it an easy and relaxed experience. (So much of what has happened since the book came out has been fun.) The program aired 12 June in Wisconsin, and on at different times in other parts of the U.S. It’s been interesting to see the increase in sales (modest, but evident) via Author Central since the broadcast. So, a big thank you to Doug Gordon, the producer, for including me in the lineup.

You can listen to the whole show as an MP3 file here.

Interview with Arts East

A while back, Stephen Patrick Clare of Arts East, also host of a fine show on Dalhousie radio, interviewed me. You can read it here.

One thing Stephen touched on that’s worth touching on more is the topic of responses to the book. Critical responses can be found on my general site. But sometimes I get asked how politicians in the community feel about Verbatim: A Novel, and the answer is simple:  no idea. None have come up to me and said anything, though one did send a congratulation note.

However, I do know local bureaucrats are reading it, and that’s fun to hear about.

Verbatim: A Novel and National Public Radio

Today on National Public Radio, a program called To the Best of Our Knowledge aired an episode called “Novel Novels.” Because of Verbatim: A Novel‘s unusual structure, one of the show’s producers set up an interview with me. You can listen to the podcast here.